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The 23rd Annual Nationwide Children's Hospital High School Team Camp Location: Spindler Park 2121 Spindler Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026. Dates & Time: Camp sessions for Girls and Boys July 19-22, 2021 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Low Pricing: Team Rate - $150 per player Individual Rate - $175 per player Amenities: 1. Help your players go to college - distribution of player contact information to college coaches from many different institutions for recruiting and contact purposes. 2. Top notch training by college coaches from a variety of different colleges nationwide at all levels, NCAA DI, DII, DIII & NAIA: Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Alabama, Tennessee and others… College coaches are assigned to train every varsity team! 3. Reduced Cost: Registering your team as a group with one payment, and reduce each players costs to a fraction of other similar camps. 4. More Instructional Time: A dynamic four-day camp setting with multiple colleges and universities represented, not 2 1/2 days with one college staff! 5. Unique Team Training: A professionally designed camp experience tailored to fit the needs of each individual team. Our goal is to help maximize your team’s success on and off the field. 6. Save Your Contact Days: Add four extra days of professional instruction to your summer schedule without using any of your 10 OHSAA contact days. 7. Certified NCHSM Athletic Trainers on site daily to insure player safety and treatment. 8. Personal direction from Scott Dempsey, NCHSM Team Camp founder and director. 9. Socialize with high school and college coaches to share and exchange ideas and information on training, recruiting, program building, and much, much, more. 10. Loyalty and interest in your teams and your players’ success locally and against statewide competition! Purpose: The NCHSM High School Team Camp has been designed with a great deal of input from local area coaches and the many college coaches who have been a part of our excellent teaching staff over the years, to better serve high school coaches and players. Our goal is to provide each player with the opportunity to improve conditioning and build technical skills while also maximizing playing time and ball contact. In addition, players will participate in leadership sessions and team-building activities aimed to challenge them to learn more about their teammates and build team chemistry. Goalkeeper Academy: Our objective is to provide the specialized fundamental training necessary for goalkeepers to develop to their fullest potential. Goalkeepers spend the first two hours each day focusing on their unique role and techniques. Training will emphasize the skills and understanding of the game needed to prepare for the most specialized position in the game. Held in conjunction with the team camp and incorporating advanced goalkeeper training along with the daily team competitions. Team Training: This camp is a fantastic opportunity for your team to train together (within Ohio High School Athletic Association guidelines) before the fall high school season. Take advantage of the excellent staff by allowing a college coach to direct your team’s scrimmages all week, while you save your 10 summer contact days for another time (if you wish). Gain valuable experience for your team and players through a daily instructional rotation between stations manned by an exceptional staff of college coaches and professionals focusing on the technical and tactical needs of your players and your team. Use the daily competition sessions; to develop your team play and improve preparation. Schedule: During camp, each team will participate in two hours of instructional sessions from dealing with a specific technique or tactic, presented by a different professional instructor. Following the daily instructional sessions there will be 11 v 11 scrimmages (two 40-minute halves per game) in which coaches may choose to direct their own teams, or have their teams assigned to one of the camps’ college coaches for the entire week. A tactical analysis of each game will be led be each teams camp coach at the end of each daily game. Registration: Coaches, we recommend registering at least 15 players from your program per camp team. Teams of 18 – 22 are ideal! If interest exceeds this amount, adjustments can be made and schools may send more than one team to camp. Complete the roster form, release forms, and enclose a $250 non-refundable deposit; made payable to SCOTT DEMPSEY, by April 15, 2021. You will be notified later in the spring regarding payment of the balance of the camp fee. Applications for teams using the team roster form should be accompanied by a single check pay

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