OSSCA Quarterly Newsletter - Aug 2018

The OSSCA quarterly newsletter is released.  Please download to view/read.

The 2018 OSSCA Quarterly August edition.docx

* Message from the President - John Johnson
* From the Executive Director of OSSCA - Gary Avedikian
* From Jeff Tipping, former Director of Coaching for the NSCAA
* From Ohio High School Coaches - Coach Bryan Daniel - Indian Hill; VP for OSSCA Education; Coach Zorro - Sword High School
* From the Director of Referees for the OHSAA - Don Muenz, OHSAA Soccer DoD
* From the Fitness and Nutrition Specialist
* From the Sports Psychologist - Dr. Steve Graef, PhD, Counseling/Sport/Performance Psychologist for Ohio State University Athletics
* From A Member: Questions of the Month
* An Article on the Contributions of Immigrants to Our Soccer History, Tim Schum - Past President, NSCAA
* Dick Bate - The Great Teacher

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