OSSCA Documents

2023 Documents

Forms (collection of forms are on Google Drive):

2022 Documents

Forms (collection of forms are on Google Drive):

2021 Documents

All State Player Nomination Form: All_State_Nomination_Form_2021.pdf
All State Assistant Coach Nomination Form: Asst.COY_2021.pdf
Coaching Victories Form: CoachingVictories_2021.pdf
Coach of the Year (COY) Form: COY_Nominee_Form_2021.pdf
District Cover Sheet: District_Cover_Sheet_2021.pdf
Kim Mahoney Award Nomination Form: Kim_Mahoney_Award_2021.pdf
OSSCA Coaching Victories: OSSCA_Coaching_Victories_2021.pdf
Referee Award Nomination Form: Referee_Award_2021.pdf
Referee Award (OSSCA Internal-Use) Nomination Form: Referee_Award_internal_2021.pdf
Ron Pinsenschaum Nomination Form: Ron_Pinsenschaum_Form_2021.pdf
SEI Boys Nomination Form: SEI_Boys_2021.pdf
SEI Girls Nomination Form: SEI_Girls_2021.pdf
Team Academic Award Form: Team_Academic_Award_2021.pdf
Team Academic Award (OSSCA Internal Use Only) Form: Team_Sportsmanship_internal_2021.pdf

2020 Documents

2020 Honors Packet: OSSCA Honors - WEBSITE PAGES - 2020.docx

2019 Documents

2019 Honors Packet: HonorsPacket2019_editable.pdf

2019 All State Honors: Individual Forms

2018 Documents

2018 Honors Packet: OSSCA Honors - WEBSITE PAGES - 2018.docx

2018 Honors Packet (EDITABLE PDF): OSSCA All State Nomination - 2018.pdf

2018 Dues Information: OSSCA Dues Information 2018.docx

2018 Dues Registration Form: 2018 Dues Form 2018.docx

OSSCA Leadership Award Nomination Form: OSSCA Leadership Award Nomination Form.pdf

2017 Documents

2017 Honors Document: OSSCA_Honors_2017_Editable.pdf

2017 Dues Chart: Dues Chart 2017.docx

2017 Dues Form: Dues Form 2017.docx

2016 Documents

2016 Dues Chart: Dues Chart 2016.docx

2016 Dues Form: Dues Form 2016.docx

2016 Coaches Guide: Coaches Guide 2016.doc

2015 Documents

2015 OSSCA Honors Packet - Editable PDF version: 2015 OSSCAHonorsPacket-Editable.pdf

2015 Dues Chart: Dues Chart 2015.docx

2015 Dues Form: Dues Form 2015.docx

2014 Documents

2014 Honors Packet: 2014_OSSCAHonorsPacket.doc

2013 Documents

2013 Dues/Registration: OSSCA Dues Registration 2013.docx
2013 Dues Info Chart: OSSCA_Dues_Chart_2013.docx

2012 Documents

2012 Dues Registration: 2012 OSSCA Dues Registration Form 2012.doc
2012 Dues info: OSSCA_Dues_Chart_2012.docx



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